Doctor Pierre Bouhanna

Exclusive hair dermatologist surgeon

14 rue Théodore de Banville

75017 PARIS
Phone : +33-1-42-27-15-44

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Since 1997 he is the course director of the University Diploma of scalp pathology and surgery in Paris (university Paris VI)Course director of the international

Hair surgery master course (IHSMC) for the Paris EMAA congress.

Member of the EHRS, member and teacher in the training comitee of the IHRSS.

Expert in dermatology for the French ministry of health and consultant at the sabouraud hair center of Saint-Louis hospital in Paris


Through the publications of 11 books and more than 130 articles in both French and foreign languages he has personally developed

The phototrichogram

The multifactorial classification the long hair micrograft technique

The specific implantation for African and Asian patients and for the eyebrows, the eyelashes

The beard, the post radiotherapy alopecia and the newest hair growth factor research.

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