What's up in this web site

The website HAIR & SCIENCES has been designed for physicians and specialists of hair and scalp. It presents both basic information and latest news about research and treatments of hair and scalp pathology.

1) Information relevance :

Information quality must become increasingly accurate having regard to the flow of data and publications reaching the physician every day.This will be the objective of medical synthesis, concerning specific questions with an updated and short bibliography, focusing on the main data to be kept in mind, the latest advances and prospects.

Columns such as controversies, points of view and interviews lead to a less formal but more practical information, in order to sort out the objective part of a formal information on the one hand and the information linked to the practical experience of the physician on the other hand.

2) Information diversity :

This diversity is one of the characteristics of hair and scalp pathology. It is revealed in the numerous fields of interest that the dermatologist should take into account, at the borderline of dermatology. These include gynecology, endocrinology, surgery, dietetics, genetics, physiology, clinical biology and cosmetology.Furthermore, the website HAIR & SCIENCES constitute a cross-road forum, a linking point between the various aspects of this specialty:·

for the dermatologist, HAIR & SCIENCES is the way to keep informed about all publications about hair and scalp pathology or surgery ;

for the medical student, HAIR & SCIENCES is a simple and direct mean of access to this specialty through original papers and review articles;·

for the hospital or university physician, HAIR & SCIENCES is an opening for his works and studies to the greater number of practitioners. As such, a work may be first published in a well-known journal and then become accessible to all practitioners that will revise it in a more practical and visual way.

3) Open information

Open information to criticism and reflection thanks to interviews, research lines, case studies and discussion forums.

4) Creation of links

Creation of links with sites in conformity with the scientific and ethic principles of the website HAIR & SCIENCES.All these objectives propose an editorial line and a scientific framework in order to conciliate the fundamental aspect of medicine, the sharpness of scientific data and the spreading of information to a greater number of practitioners.