Definitive female eyebrows thinning and sometimes eyelashes alopecia can be esthetically reconstructed with hair implants one by one. Men with facial hair have various connotations such as wisdom and knowledge, sexual virility, masculinity, or high social status. The beard and mustache transplantation has roles mostly in the correction of cicatricial or traumatic alopecia, cleft lip scar or small area of missing hair. Minority of case is for enhancement the virility in men. A schematic pattern for drawing the outline and understanding of the hair direction has been purposed.


To purpose the easy schematic pattern of drawing the beard, the mustache, the eyebrows and the eyelashes. To describe the use of two procedures of follicular uniots (FUE or FUL).


  1. Design of the area to be transplanted according to a schematic pattern and the patient esthetic desire
  2. Nerve blocks and local cream anesthesia
  3. 500 to 1500 1 hair follicular unit
  4. Follicular Unit Long hair (FUL) (1 hair) - no previous shaving of donor area
  5. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) (1 hair) - previous shaving of donor area
  6. Hair harvested from the scalp will grow at the same rate as scalp hair


  • Choose the hair color, thickness and orientation
  • Implantation parallel to the skin
  • No bandage
  • Crusts for 7 days.
  • Sometimes swelling for 3-4 days


The reconstruction of eyebrows and eyelashes allows actually an esthetic and definitive result. The beard and mustache pattern varies among the ethnic group. The Arabians and Caucasians have more extensive area and higher density while the Asians have the least presentation of facial hair. High patient satisfaction is achievable if patients are well selected and particularly among the psychological profile.

*source Micrografts indications for eyebrows, eyelashes, beard and mustache alopecia- BOUHANNA M.