Exclusive hair dermatologist surgeon

14 rue Théodore de Banville 75017 PARIS
Phone : +33-1-42-27-15-44


  • Since 1997 he is the course director of the University Diploma of scalp pathology and surgery in Paris (university Paris VI)
  • Course director of the international hair surgery master course (IHSMC) for the Paris EMAA congress.
  • Member of the EHRS, member and teacher in the training comitee of the IHRSS.
  • Expert in dermatology for the French ministry of health and consultant at the sabouraud hair center of Saint-Louis hospital in Paris


Through the publications of 11 books and more than 130 articles in both French and foreign languages he has personally developed

  • The phototrichogram
  • The multifactorial classification the long hair micrograft technique
  • The specific implantation for African and Asian patients and for the eyebrows, the eyelashes
  • The beard, the post radiotherapy alopecia and the newest hair growth factor research.

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